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Welcome to my website!

Omg! I can't believe it finally happened: My website is #LIVE! Here I will be sharing a little bit of the process for my projects. From the very first sketch, to the. final illustration...

As you can see, my process starts from a super rough sketch and then evolves into colour tests, until I get to work on the final rendering of the elements and probably add a little bit of animation if the projects requires it!

Here you will also find some behind the scenes of my creative process, as well as snaps of my workspace.

Like in this photo, you can see that my setup is mainly composed of a large monitor, some books and prints I've collected from my super talented friends and my headphones, #obviously.

Speaking of which, I will be using this platform to share some of the inspiration behind my work, such as the albums that I've been listening to and the art books I've been reading lately. I'm super excited to use this platform to connect with other creatives in a more personal way, as it's one of the things I've been willing to do for a while now.

I have always liked to be transparent with my processes, and that is why I am excited to finally launch this platform where you can learn more about me and the projects I am working on... in addition to the entire process that this entails.

This platform will be an open window to the world so that you can learn more about the human being behind the illustrations that you see on my main page, and I hope that with this, this adventure will be rewarding to grow personally and professionally.

It's so nice to have you onboard! Love,



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