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Top 10 Albums of 2021

Last year, for the 6th consecutive year, I did my traditional #countdown of the #albums that shaped my year and filled me with inspiration and creativity to go through the awful and most beautiful parts of it.

2021 was an intense year. A part of me keeps telling me I have lived the most beautiful, exciting and fulfilling moments in a while over the course of this year, but the other side of my brain can’t stop thinking of how this year has been the most scary, challenging and full of uncertainty I’ve lived so far. But here I am, embracing both sides of it and reflecting on how music helped me to keep on going, to keep pushing and to be where I am right now. These are the records I enjoyed the most in 2021...

10 Greentea Peng — MAN MADE

Fav tracks: Dingaling, This Sound, Meditation, Free My People and Be Careful


Cleo Sol — Mother

Fav tracks: Don’t Let Me Fall, Promises, Don’t Let It Go to Your Head, Music and Know That You Are Loved


L'Impératrice — Tako Tsubo

Fav tracks: Hématome, L’équilibriste, Anomalie Bleue, Voodoo? and Peur des Fille


Charlotte Day Wilson — ALPHA

Fav tracks: Take Care of You, Keep Moving, Wish It Was Easy, Changes and I Can Only Whisper


Joy Crookes — Skin

Fav tracks: Power, Poison, Trouble, Feet Don’t Fail Me Now and When You Were Mine


Porter Robinson — Nurture

Fav tracks: Something Comforting, Look At the Sky, Unfold, Mother and Trying to Feel Alive


Billie Eilish — Happier Than Ever

Fav tracks: Oxytocin, GOLDWING, OverHeated, NDA and Therefore I Am


Cabiria — Ciudad de las Dos Lunas

Fav tracks: Ciudad de las Dos Lunas, Si Pudieran Hablar, DISCO-CAFÉ, Después de Medianoche and Lejos Un Rato


Erika de Casier — Sensational

Fav tracks: Drama, Secretly, Busy, Make My Day and Better Than That


Noga Erez — KIDS

Fav tracks: VIEWS, End of the Road, YOU SO DONE, Bark Loud and Knockout

Spotify Playlist

Which #record was your favourite of 2021? Did I miss it? Let me know in the comments!


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